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Here are some of the things that we have specialized

Integration Platforms

We have developed solutions that integrate different information systems and services by providing them with tools to share and perform complex functions.

E3P (Environmental Electronic Exchange Point)

The Agencia de Residuos de Cataluña has driven,  within the framework of the project ETER, the development of a platform for exchange of information between regional governments and other organizations.

Technologies: Java EE / Web Services / Exists / Glassfish

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Plataforma de Integración de la Agencia de Residuos de Cataluña

We are developing the integration platform of the Agencia de Residuos de Cataluña. The platform will integrate both internal and external services, with added services such as auditing, automatic fault detection, record logs.

Technologies: Java EE / Web Services REST / Alfresco / Informix / WebLogic.

Collection, processing and data analysis

We create solutions that bring together large amounts of data, and finally treat analysis.

Red Española de Costes Hospitalarios

El grupo RECH lo forman un conjunto de investigadores y hospitales que tiene como objetivo analizar los costes hospitalarios en España. Hemos desarrollado una herramienta que permite recoger los datos de costes, tratarlos y permitir analizar los resultados mediante un front-end web. La web permite realizar búsquedas y obtener informes con gráficas estadísticas con los resultados.

Technologies: Java EE / Google Charts / MySql / Glassfish

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Studies on Breast Cancer

We have participated in several projects of epidemiology and assessment Medical Research Institute Hospital del Mar as INCA, RAFP, RAFP Digital, BCS COHORT S and ISSNAM with solutions that coordinate different hospitals for the collection and standardization of data on cancer breast, which are then used to develop various medical research.

Tecnologías: Java EE / MySql / Glassfish

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Records management and processes

We help businesses become more efficient with information systems that simplify processes and help manage documentation.


We have developed for Grovisa, leading company specializing in the distribution of spare parts for automobiles, various applications both client and server, which allows among other things to manage product catalog and order online from their website, with updated stock information prices. Also manage the entire catalog of gifts items and calculation of points available per customer.

Technologies: Swing / Java EE / Web Services / Microsoft SQL Server / MySql / Glassfish

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Gestión de Denuncias y Sanciones

We developed a system that allows the Agencia de Residuos de Cataluña manage all records filed complaints and sanctions. The management of these records is done by a process flow that the system automatically generates coordinates in each of the necessary documentation.

Technologies: Java EE / JBpm / Informix / WebLogic.


EZ-Sort is a solution that allows the delivery of digital accounting documents. It is a right solution for agencies who saves a lot of time in post the documentation of their customers.

Tecnologies: Java EE / MySql / Glassfish

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We help companies of any size to sell their products online. Our customized solutions allow you to go beyond a standard e-commerce solution, with tools to perform all tasks necessary for the client to succeed: product management, creating and sending newsletters, customer management and sales integration with payment gateways, etc.

Oryx is the store that brings together in a single offering the largest catalog of world natural history books, terrestrial and astronomical optics and equipment for the naturalist. We have developed the entire web and system for creating and sending newsletters and more.

Technologies: Java EE / JSF / MySql / Glassfish.

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